Wednesday, July 8, 2020

TRANSFORMATIONS Newsletter - July 2020

Greetings Beautiful Soul,
May you have just enjoyed a joyous and safe Independence Day. I encourage you to take a moment to ponder what Independence means to you, and Freedom. As our country is being ripped in two, so is the veil of this current reality. Darkness long hidden is being revealed to more and more people on every level. We are elevating in consciousness in areas of the economy, politics, race, religion, medicine, and much more. This are truly exciting times, as we are birthed into a new existence and collectively forge our way into the future. For those that are struggling, confused, or feeling stuck, I offer my many services to assist you. Please visit my website, or reach out to me via phone or text at the number below.

I am sending my monthly newsletter out late because I spent the first few days of July at a Kambo retreat. First, I want to start off stating that Peruvian Frog Medicine is legal in the US. I experienced this rite of passage with a Shaman trained in the jungles of Peru. Thus far, I am experiencing more peace, joy, and clarity than I have ever before. My heart is open at a deeper level, physical issues that I have struggled with seem to be dissipating in new ways. I am in discussions with this Kambo practitioner to bring her practice to Greenville for small group sessions. If you are interested in more information, please sign up with my meetup where events will be posted very soon. Expand Consciousness Meetup

July 14th 7pm Access Consciousness Bars Swap. This event is for both Access Bars Practitioners as well as those interested in learning more about Access Bars. Practitioners have the opportunity of meeting and networking to gift and receive sessions at the event of this amazingly expansive modality. Those interested in learning more will be given an introductory mini-session while answering any questions you may have. RSVP here:
July 18th, Access Bars Practitioner Certification, this class only has two more slots left, please contact me directly if you are interested in this international certification. (864) 915-2313 Ariana

Tarot Reading & Blockage Clearing Combo - this powerful combo offers insights into your deepest questions, and then energetically removes any blocks and obstacles that stand in your way! This Combo special is normally $125 for a one hour session. July Special pricing is $85.
CHIOS Chakra Balancing & Aura Cleansing Session CHIOS is a younger and more advanced version of Reiki. This practice incorporates moving or pulling negative energy out of the energy body, chakras, and auric field, and then charging or filling those areas with beautiful Divine energy, referred to as Chi in Chinese medicine. For those interested in receiving a session, or seeking a CHIOS PRACTITIONER Certification, please contact me directly. July special pricing for a Chios 1 hour Session is $70 (normally $85)
30 minute Tarot Reading $35 (normally $45)

Please visit my website, Namaste Healing Arts, LLC
Ariana Zariah, BF, CMW, CHIOS MT
Facilitator of Change & Consciousness
Past Life Regressions, Ancestral Clearings, Tuning Fork Therapy, & More...
(864) 915-2313

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