Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Pragmatic Advice about CoronaVirus

So many people are getting upset about the Coronavirus.  The upset is not conducive to optimal health or your nervous system.  I have been reading many, many perspectives on this topic, from various reputable doctors worldwide to the Conspiracy Theorists calling this the end of days and Georgia Guidestones.  Whether you side with those seeking a viable remedy and vaccine, or whether you are an anti-vaxxer stocking up on dried goods for the fallout, there are some things you can do to ease your mind, body and spirit as we move through this supposed pandemic.  The most pragmatic advice about the CoronaVirus, I came across was from a doctor who was part of team that has been researching this virus since the 70s.  (This is not a new issue.  It's just getting a lot of attention right now). This doctor's first and foremost advice was : Treat it like the Flu. Don't shake hands with people that are coughing.  Stay home if you are sick.  Wash your hands. Take lots of Vitamin C and avoid or reduce things that lower your immunity like sugars and alcohol. This professional medical advice seemed well grounded and practical as opposed to the fear media found on social media and the news.
In addition to this very practical and pragmatic advice, I personally take a lot of essential oils.  God's remedy for all ailments are found in plants.  Essential oils are concentrations of the medicinals that God put into plants that he created for life on Earth. I recommend an amazing book on herbology written a 100 years ago and very in depth. View on Amazon:  BACK TO EDEN. 
To learn more about Essential Oils : 

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