Friday, March 6, 2020

I AM Light, I AM Love Meditation

"Sometimes we all feel like we are alone in the darkness, dropped in a world surrounded by anger, struggle, unkindness. It's not because Our Creator hates you, or the Universe has forgotten you... It's because YOU are Pure Light. Light is Love.  Love is Power.  It takes only one flame to light the darkest room.  Hundreds of cold candles can be illuminated and brought to life by that one single flame... That Light is YOU. Be the Light you were born to be..." -A. Zariah

The I AM Light, I AM Love Meditation

This is one of the simplest and most powerful meditations that I have encountered.  It offers a "doing" that keeps the mind occupied to reduce wandering, but the "doing" also focuses the practitioner on going inward.  This is where we find our true nature, love, Light, and peace.  To start you may want to set a timer for 10 minutes.  Try this every day for a week and see how your life changes!

Light a candle and sit comfortably where the candle is at eye level.  If you have a sacred space or prayer alter, this is the perfect place to do this meditation.

Sit comfortably with the candle at eye level.  Look at the candle flame with a soft gaze.  Focus on "looking" at the candle flame with their 3rd eye. (above the eyebrows at the center of your forehead). Soften your gaze.

1. Take a soft breath inward as you gaze at the flame and think or "speak inwardly" I AM LIGHT.

2. When you are ready to exhale - close your eyes - and "speak inwardly" RELEASE ALL DARK.

3. Open your eyes on the next inhale, gently gaze at the flame, focus on your heart as you gently inhale, "speak inwardly" I AM LOVE

4. When you are ready to exhale - close your eyes - "speak inwardly" RELEASE ALL FEAR.

Repeat steps 1-4 in a slow, mindful rhythm.  As you gaze at the flame, you may start to see the aura of the flame, colors shifting, shapes.  When you close your eyes, you may still see the flame, or other images.  Your intuitive abilities are being strengthened and opened.  

Please let me know how you are enjoying this meditation!  

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