Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The Untold Truth about Adopted Child Trauma

I am truly blessed and grateful. I had a new client come today for #AncestralClearing & Childhood Trauma Release work. Her subconscious and body knew today would be intense with deep releases. She didn't sleep last night despite taking meds, and she collapsed on my couch crying. After talking a moment, she revealed that she had been adopted. I have worked with a handful of adoptees in this healing work, and there is so much pain, heartache, and unworthiness, unlovability, surrounding the circumstances that cause a mother to put a child up for adoption. Oftentimes the mother undergoes so much stress while carrying the child that is absorbed into the child. I perform a lot of Womb-trauma clearings from this. And then, I have found that oftentimes the adopting parents are not suited or properly prepared to care for a traumatized infant/child. Many more have so many of their own issues that they should not be parents in the first place.
I am so grateful for this gift of healing deep trauma, releasing buried pain that affects the subconscious and creates havoc in people's lives by aligning them with the frequency match for more abandonment, abuse, neglect and unlovability. Such a blessing to be able to facilitate the release of these traumas so that they can move into healthier lives and more successful and joyful relationships.
If you or someone you know is an adult adoptee, or has an adopted child, I offer free consultation to determine if this work can help.

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