Friday, December 13, 2019

Conscious Social Scene Meetup

Last night, over 2000 members disappeared from the Conscious Social Scene Meetup. 

If you were removed from the group last night, please know it was an automatic "dump" by MeetUp.

I apologize if it came as a surprise.  I have sent a couple of emails over the last few months as well as generating 2 recent emails to let all current members know that I have decided to charge a very small annual membership fee.  After the 60 day free "trial" from the date I put that fee into effect (Mid-October), all non-paying members were removed from the group by 

Why did I do this?  It was a difficult decision.  It's not about making money.  I have had a growing concern that hundreds of people have been members but I have never met them.  Out of 2000plus members, only 5-35 people RSVP.  My desire is to create space for a safe and connected community of like-minded people, and if you are not coming, then you really aren't a part of the community.  So, I decided to charge a nominal fee of $15 for the year.  This offsets the cost that charges me, it offers me a bit of compensation for my time and efforts to organize events and gatherings, and creates a small commitment from members to be a part of and perhaps a bit more incentive to attend the events and gatherings. 

Please feel free to contact me via text or email with any questions or comments.
Ariana Zariah, Certified Energy Practitioner
(864) 915-2313

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