Thursday, November 7, 2019

Holiday Depression & Family Anxiety: Coping this Season

The Holidays are a difficult time for many people.  Today in meditation, I could really feel into how many people are starting to feel anxious, uncomfortable, disappointed, lonely, sad.... that 2019 is coming to a close and maybe you don't feel like you got anywhere, or the holidays are coming up and that isn't a joyful thought for you.
If you are feeling stuck, sad, or anxious here are a few simple practices that can help:
1. Go for a walk - fresh air and nature rejuvenate the soul and the action of moving forward in a short walk shifts your energy to "moving forward" in other areas of your life.
2. Watch a funny movie or Cute Puppy videos on Youtube - shift your focus to something that makes you smile, giggle, and take you out of your funk
3. Phone a friend - Reach out, connect, ask if they are okay, see if you can help them with something, the human connection is a great way to remember that our funkiest days will pass.
If you seek deeper assistance in releasing trapped emotional energies that are coming up during the holidays and weighing you down, I am offering $30 off my most effective emotional energy release treatment.  Two modalities Access Bars (Reiki for your brain) & Ancestral & Childhood Trauma Release (This Combo Package is normally $125, I am offering the Combo for $95 through the end of the year.
read my CLIENT TESTIMONIALS here. I have many clients that experience a shift in their emotional struggles when we life out energetic densities in their field and body.  
or Google my business directly on Google maps "Namaste Healing Arts" to read my reviews directly.
Have a great holiday season.
Ariana Zariah, Certified Energy Practitioner
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