Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Law of Attraction: What is Spiritual Flotsam?

I believe that Spiritual Flotsam is evidence that you are in the flow of that which you seek. The term "flotsam" is defined (among other things) as FLOTSAM: N. 1. floating wreckage of a ship or its cargo 2. floating debris

If you are seeking treasure, and you see evidence of the Pirate ship wreckage (flotsam), you can be certain you are on the right course to finding the treasure. Spiritual Flotsam is worth celebrating but should not ever be confused with the goal or treasure. When we are sending up prayers of intention for that which we seek, whether it be a new love, a new job or business opportunity, we will often see evidence that we are in the flow of that which we seek through encounters with Spiritual Flotsam.
This morning I was driving my car down the road. While stopped at a red light in a pack of cars, I felt pulled to look at the car next to me. A handsome man in a new Jeep Rubicon was looking at me very intently. Handsome! Very nice rugged vehicle! 😄 We smiled at each other. It seems like a small thing but I rarely smile at strange men. We drove for several miles along the same course, passing each other and smiling at each other occasionally. It was quite charming and made me giggle. I consider this encounter to be Flotsam. Evidence that the love which I seek is on the way.
Have you ever settled for the Flotsam thinking it was the Real Thing and wondered why it went horribly?! I have! We get excited, I know! We make excuses for why this "real thing" didn't show up with all the bells and whistles that we'd hoped for. We don't know that it is just Flotsam. We act like the martyr for accepting less than we originally thought we deserved. Silly person. You just settled for Flotsam instead of waiting on the treasure! Don't beat yourself up. I've done it a hundred times, in a hundred different ways. Now I encourage you to set your goals, work on YOU so you vibrate to attract The Best, and do not settle for the Flotsam!


  1. Almost 30 years of flotsam....hope I'm getting close! :)

    1. Why wonder? Get more insights into the coming year! 2019 Report

  2. This is awesome and right on target with my reading you did Thursday!!

  3. Yes! Thank you for reading! I am so glad you are feeling good about your reading. 2019 is going to be amazing for you!


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