Friday, December 14, 2018

Transcending Your Current Situation

Crab mentality (Crabs in a Bucket) refers to a pattern of behavior noted in crabs.  When they are trapped in a bucket, rather than helping each other to get out, they will make sure the Escapee is pulled back down.  Its been observed that a single crab can easily reach the top, but its efforts will always be undermined by the collective and pull him back into the bucket.  This practice, wittingly or unwittingly, ensures the group's collective demise.

This same mentality is found in humans in many arenas, which makes it difficult to elevate beyond your current circle.  An Alcoholic with best intentions of getting sober, will also receiving criticism and manipulation from his "pack" to keep him on the bottle and in the bar.  Likewise, those trying to better themselves financially, physically, spiritually, or other ways will often be deterred by those not moving in those directions or at the same pace.

Sometimes, we even shrink ourselves or deter ourselves so as not to offend those that do not choose to move in our directions.  If you are making people uncomfortable, do not be discouraged, there is a tribe out there waiting for you.  There is a greater love partner out there waiting for you.  Be unapologetically and fearlessly YOU. Let them be uncomfortable.  It may be what they need to look at their own inner shadow.  
Don't let them pull you back down. There's a big, beautiful world beyond the bucket.

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