Thursday, October 4, 2018

You, Powerful Manifestor... More Than You Realize!

Yesterday was my Birthday... Oct 3. :)

For me, my Birthday is a fabulous time for self reflection as it occurs right at the beginning of the 4th quarter of the year.   This year I manifested some amazing people, situations, and experiences, but they didn't all go as I had asked for, in fact some turned out to be huge contradictions to what I asked.  So what is that all about? I have been watching my world very intently for the past three years.  There is nothing like your entire world crumbling to make you really pay attention and seek intense change. So I share with you what I have observed and learned... (These are my Points of View and observations.  I am simply sharing for anyone that may find my ideas helpful.)

YOU ARE A POWERFUL MANIFESTOR! What I have come to discover in my observations and studies of energy and manifestion is that we are all constantly manifesting.  In EVERY MOMENT! However, more often than not, we are contradicting ourselves and making it nearly impossible to materialize our desires. 

This year in particular I acutely observed that I manifest like a Rockstar!  (And so do you...)  So why are we not fulfilling our heart's desires?  Why do I not have the Love, the Lifestyle, and the Health that I carry in my heart?  Why don't you have that which you have been seeking?  The complication as I have come to experience is that while we are manifesting, attracting, stating your intentions to God/Spirit/Higher Consciousness, our thoughts and energetic vibrations do two things to Contradict what is in our hearts.  These two things, I believe, are Contradicting vibration and Contradicting thought.  These two things are closely connected, and create two different obstacles in our experience. 

The Contradiction of Vibration attracts something that appears to fulfill that which what we are pulling into ourselves, but has a dissonant frequency that will show up later in problems.  For example, I manifested a gorgeous car 2 years ago.  It was immaculate, low mileage, afforable, classy, and gorgeous.  I named her Lucrezia Borgia.  Her leather looked brand new, the paint job was gorgeous, she ran great, her engine looked spotless.  After two months of driving her, I realized there were massive issues with the electrical system when it rained. $$$$!!!  I had no recourse.  I was stuck with high dollar issues.... This is what I mean when I say that you can appear to attract what you desire but if your vibration has a deep underlying negative vibration (even if you keep your vibration high and happy, it's STILL THERE! ) Therefore, you will more likely than not, attract something amazing and beautiful, but with a problem hidden underneath.  (FYI-  I actually had a talk with Lucrezia and the next day she got herself T-boned and Totalled by a girl with State Farm insurance, so I immediately got a new car and Lucrezia got to go to Mercedes Heaven! Don't laugh when I say I talk to houses and other inanimate objects! Everything has a consciousness!)

You will always attract that which you ask for and it will be a vibrational match to your deeper energetic vibrations and whispers... Here is a basic example of true vibrational matching... If you face two tuned guitars and strike the D string on one, the D string on the other guitar will start to vibrate.  This is a vibrational match.  The D strings are "alike" so they get excited by each other.  "I see You, You are familiar!"  Ever feel that with someone? And you Vibrate when you see them or even think about them!! Yes! ....and then after a few months you decide they were selfish, mean or crazy?... Yikes!  You're a vibrational match... I'm sorry!  Look within and find your inner fears/negative self talk that are creating that match!  Because if you are seeking a partner but you carry that whisper or energy of "I'm not lovable", not only are you a walking contradiction, but you will attract someone that has that contradicting vibration also.  Oftentimes, then the Yin/Yang kicks in and one takes on the submissive or abused role and the other takes on the controller or the abuser role.  Some people can even flip-flop from abused to abuser depending on the relationship or partner. The dissonance in our relationships is all from contradicting vibrations and thoughts that needle each others fears and deep inner wounds. We need to heal ourselves to heal each other!

Contradiction of Thought works similarly because the Thought and Vibration work together.  Let's say you do manifestation work to bring in the love of your life, (everyone's favorite!) You visualize, request, pull in... your rest of your life perfect partner, Soulmate, etc.... and perhaps you list off your desires in what you are looking for in that mate... but what happens when your inner vibration, your deepest inner whisper is "everyone leaves me, I'm am always alone" or some other variation of a contradiction?  What happens when you don't even realize that you are carrying this vibration/thought within you because it occurred before you have memories and it's so much a part of you that you don't even know it's there?!

First of all, the Universe will have trouble delivering because of the contradiction.  It answers the energy of "Please bring me my soulmate", and then something happens to trigger your inner whisper of "I'm always alone", so I stops the motion of bringing the soulmate and brings you the results of being alone.  And this can go back and forth until you become determined to either keep your thoughts primarily on the Soulmate or keep your thoughts primarily on "alone".  Whichever one is your primary focus will win!  Okay Great!

So then, let's say, you manage to keep your thoughts on the "Soulmate", but the vibration, trauma or memory that created the "I'm always alone" is still in there.  You are just over-riding it and keeping it a bay. Great!  You've got the Soulmate and you are keeping the "alone" vibration at bay, buried and hidden.  HMMMM.... not so great... because (1) more likely than not, the Contradiction of Vibration rule is still at play and Beloved Soulmate is carrying something in their vibration to match your "I'm always alone" (or whatever your inner negative self talk/vibration is) so they are probably not capable of actually staying for whatever their inner trauma is in their vibration and self talk... and (2) eventually and INEVITABLY, the Beloved Soulmate, no matter how kind and sweet and amazing is going to do something to trigger your fear of "alone" and whatever trauma created that fear, when triggered, starts to fester as deep discomfort, fear bubbles, the mind makes up stories that probably aren't true to support "alone" and it eventually all grows into an intense emotion... and if you are anything like how I have been, you keep it all hidden until you totally explode... then you hate yourself... and you get what the inner whisper was vibrating at... "I'm always alone", and a vicious cycle continues on and on with each new manifested "Soulmate", until... You clear the "I'm always alone" (or whatever your trauma is that keeps you cycling in relationship with the wrong person)  You Manifesting Rockstar! UGH...

HOW CAN WE NOT DO THIS?! Why does this happen?  To torture you?  To force upon us the human condition of suffering?  I believe that that is all Old Thought Spirituality.  I believe that these emotions come up to be cleared. 

These are just a few examples of the vibrational dissonance in manifesting and why we seem to fail in our cycles over and over... Because the negative inner whisper, the dissonant vibration is still there.  More often than not, we bury it.... with exercise, alcohol, food, shopping, gambling, new love partner every few months., etc... but until you learn how to release those negative vibrations and negative self- chatter it is still there.  It is so important to do inner work, especially before attempting to manifest a partner.  The more stuff that you have buried, the more stuff the person you will attract will have buried too! And often times we don't even realize what burdens we carry because we've carried them our whole lives!  The only way to really know what your burdens are, is to look at the nice person you've attracted into your life who is so conveniently holding up a mirror for you. 

There are many, amazing healing practices that can assist in clearing these vibrations, negative thoughts and negative emotions.  And each person may resonate to a different modality.  I've tried a ton! Follow your knowing about what is right for you.  Or not... really... stay where you are, if that is what feels safe right now.  That's okay too.  It is my awareness, is that we carry vibrations within our being from early childhood, from past lives, from our ancestors.  Scientists are at beginning stages of studying the transfer of stress through the ancestral lineage in epigenetics.  We carry attractions, behavioral patterns, fears, traumas, desires energetically transferred from experiences in our past, sometimes very distant past, whether we carry the memory or not.  What war, famine, genocide, abuses, exist in your lineage impeding you from the Divine Wholeness of your Being?  This is why I love Ancestral Clearing and Access Bars, and I combine both practices together, with very dynamic results.  My next Ancestral Clearing Group session is Oct 27th

You are constantly either expanding your existence or contracting your existence. Your words and thoughts either create more for you, or they destroy you in some way.  Nothing is ever actually stagnant.  Even the rock in the stream is being slowly molded by its surroundings. This is nature.  This is life.  Choose your destiny, or let your surroundings choose for you.
I send you blessings of love. 

Learn more about Ancestral Clearing, Access Bars and my other healing modalities for bodies, minds and homes.  Namaste!


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