Sunday, July 22, 2018

July 2018 - Resetting Goals and Intentions

When a pilot gets into an airplane for flight, he knows his final destination, he has checked his vehicle for safety and fuel, and has alerted people to his journey.  Once in flight, winds and weather can take the plane off course.  The pilot must check and recheck that he is on-course to the destination at hand and must make adjustments to his course.  To put the plane on auto-pilot and not verify regularly that all is well, could be disastrous and even fatal. 

Those that seek to create a life of conscious living do the same.  We have goals in mind, we nurture our minds, bodies and spirits for strength and success on the journey. Rarely does a soul journey out into the unknown without discussing it with someone and of course, we must constantly check and see if the winds have sent us into a new direction.

So here we are, passing the midpoint of 2018. 

Do you even know where your list of intentions from January are located?  LOL.  Is your vision board still visible?  Are the items, either on your list or on your vision board valid?  Did you accomplish anything yet?

1. Find your intentions list.
2. Review your progress.
3. Block out special time on your calendar to CELEBRATE ANY VICTORIES!  Even the small things.  I planned to submit my son to a modeling agency this year.  I did it! Yay for me.  We will celebrate that we did the task, so we are energized to move forward even though we got rejected.  Time to regroup... do we keep submitting, cut his hair as requested, or drop the dream?
4. Sit down with each incomplete intention.  Is this still important or of value?  What small steps can you take towards that goal?  Block out time in your calendar to take those steps.  Want to plan a trip to Costa Rica?  Order a travel guide, or make new friends online that live there! Small steps get you there faster than no steps!
5. Are there any new goals, not on the list that have become important? 
6. Write those down and set new small steps in your calendar to attain them as well.
7. Sometimes it is helpful to break down your list into Life Categories.

  • Friends/Social
  • Spiritual/Consciousness
  • Money/Career
  • Life Path / Life Purpose
  • Love Relationship
  • Self Care / Entertainment
  • Fitness / Health
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Love to all.  

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