Tuesday, March 20, 2018

LOVE IS IN THE AIR! Conscious Relationships & Connecting to your Soul Love

Spring has sprung, dear Seekers of Lasting Love! And as we move out of the hibernation of winter, solitude, internalization, introspection, and the transformations that have taken shape, we are now ready to emerge into the sunlight of our new beginnings.  But the energies have been so INTENSE! Are you really ready?!
First of all, Spring is a great time to review the “resolutions” or intentions that you set for 2018. Are you “on course”? Have your goals shifted? You are allowed to change your mind, dear ones! Choose something new! If your intentions no longer excite you, seek out what makes your heart sing for who your are today, right now, and focus on THAT! Life is too short to put energies on haphazard ideas and lackluster goals!  Get help if you must, to uncover whatever sets your soul on fire... and focus on THAT, as though your life depends on it.  Because the truth is, it DOES!
How is LOVE changing in our world?  I recently read an article, “How to Lead Like a Woman” by Nicola Amadora, PhD. on DailyOM.com the open paragraph reads-
“A call is resounding throughout the world for women to be the leaders we have been waiting for! In a time of great change you are invited to embody the wisdom and power of the feminine and lead courageously from the fire of your love - at home, at work and in the world. Connected with ourselves, humanity and nature we are able to act in life and make a profound difference. The foundation is the same, whether you are guiding a child, a client, a group, a business or an organization.” -BY NICOLA AMADORA PHD.
I was reminded how deeply our Earth’s shifting energies have been affecting gender roles and female empowerment. We are seeing evidence of this more and more!
But what about men?  Guys, are you feeling left out, lost, or forgotten?!!
As women find their voices, their purpose, their empowerment, what happens to men in their roles. How do men maintain their delicious masculine strength while learning to make room for the emerging feminine empowerment? I have been observing men for many years in this energy of floundering… not only in the intense energies of Earth and Astrological shifts, but also losing their footing in the new energies of women’s empowerment.
What does that mean for dating? How does this change the dance of romantic relationships? I am interested in exploring these topics in an open forum.  Will you join me in navigating this new road?  Can we be in allowance of each other as we feel out these new roles and new energies?  What will it take to find the Conscious Romance that our soul is truly seeking?
If you have read all of this, THANK YOU! I would love to hear your thoughts, insights and suggestions. Please keep an eye out as I announce the first Conscious Dating Discussion event on this meetup, as well as some more conventional social events.
As always, I hold space for you and send you deep blessings of love. May you find love within you, for you. May you find your divinely aligned love partner to resonate and expand with you. And may you flow love outward to shift your entire world. -Peace and blessings, Ariana
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