Sunday, April 17, 2016

Access Consciousness - GET YOUR BARS RUN! by Ariana Zariah, DM

Celebrate Life! Thank yourself for exploring Access Bars! This is a life-changing modality for those that are willing to receive and allow change to occur. I have personally experienced amazing shifts in mind, body and spirit; and have had great pleasure and excitement in watching dramatic change occur through facilitating Access Bars on them and running powerful clearing statements. I also incorporate working with Entities (Guides, Angels, deceased loved ones, etc) in assisting in facilitating healing. In a one hour Bars Session, we can focus on specific issues or see where consciousness directs the session. Sessions are usually quite dynamic when I facilitate! I have had deceased loved ones pop in with a messages, seen past life issues that assist in healing current day blocks, and seen some tremendous life shifts with clients! Thank you for choosing to experience Access. In one session, at the worst you will feel like you've had a nice massage, and at the best, YOUR WHOLE LIFE CAN CHANGE. Please email me to learn how you can experience Access Bars, or how to become Certified as an Access Bars Practitioner. When you let go of your own subconscious limitations, the possibilities for expansion become unlimited! 

I have been practicing energy healing since I was a child. I am certified in several modalities, but Access Bars is the most powerful and dynamic tool for creating shifts in mind, emotions, body, and spirit for all that I have experienced. I work with ArchAngels and other Entities (Guides, Angels, deceased loved ones, etc) , as well as incorporating crystals into the healing process of my Access Bars Sessions.  Wherever Spirit guides me, I follow. I teach many classes on healing and change through the Intuitive Awakening Institute. Are you ready to allow your life to be even more glorious and expansive than it already is? Join me on this amazing journey called life!

Watch This Video :NeuroScientist puts a Brain under Study Before & After Access Bars


The Day after my Access Bars session I was exhausted from all of the releasing of negative energy. The next few days I found myself able to cry and really release some deep issues and am now experiencing more joy than ever... and the best orgasms in years! -J.S. 

I would like to schedule another appointment with you and I have given your name to several people.  I have been feeling great, dramatic shift in moods and perceptions. Very Amazing! Thanks. :) Rachelle

I just wanted to say thank you for the session yesterday.  My intuition seems to be off the charts and have been feeling more powerful overall!  Thank you.  I will be in touch.  - John L.

I know it has been quite some time since we've connected but recently I was compelled to let you know the profound affect our Access Bars session has done for me.  The Session was focussed on reconnecting with my inner Diva and youthful sensuality of mind, body and spirit.  Since that session, something completely shifted for me.  I have been running for several months now, lost 60 lbs, have a ton more energy and look 10 years younger!  Thank you for kick-starting my amazing journey back to a younger, sexier me! -Beth

I know that this was not the intent set in my Access Bars session, but I have lost all desire to stop smoking pot.  I haven't smoked in two weeks!  I also have a lot more... let's just say... I got my MOJO back! Yes... my girl is so happy!  Thank you... I'll be back! -Anonymous

Get Your Bars Run and Find out!

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