Thursday, March 31, 2016

IONIC DETOX - a Relaxing Way to Raise Alkalinity and Remove Toxins & Heavy Metals

I admit it.  As open-minded as I normally consider myself, I really pooh-pooh-ed the Ionic Detox years ago, before I understood what it was or how it worked.

I have done MANY forms of Detoxes - most of which have been juice fasts of some sort coupled with intense forms of "elimination" of waste.  While very effective, these types of detoxes are not fun!  The Ionic Foot Detox seems too simple to be true.

Here's how the system works-
A mild electrical pulse is placed on your wrist while your feet are submerged in warm, salted water with a coil receiver. The electrical pulse attracts the toxins and pulls them through the body and out the feet into the salt water with the coil receiver.  The feet are the perfect exit point because they are some of the large pores in the body.

I have performed many detoxes on people of all ages and health conditions.  One client came with intense pain in her knees from arthritis.  After one 30min session she left feeling that the pain had subsided dramatically.  After several sessions, she was so excited by the results that she and her brothers and sisters pooled their money to buy their own machine.

I had another client struggling with medical obesity and after one session, she said she lost several pounds almost effortlessly.  As the organs are cleansed of toxins, the metabolism increases as the organs no longer have to struggle to do their job!

Another client came to me for overall general health.  Heavy metals began pouring out, session after session, each time creating more energy and ease in his experience.  He was a retired fly-boy for the US Airforce.

Working on planes for 25 years, as well as the build up of leads, mercury, chromium etc in our water and food supply created a massive build up of heavy metals that do not leave the body easily.  In fact the Ionic Detox is the least expensive and least invasive way to remove the heavy metals from the body!! How do we know they are heavy metals?  Place on your finger, one of these black flecks that we find floating in the water and stuck to the receiver coil, and just smell it!  It smells like metal!  Yuck!  Get it out!  Book your Ionic Detox today...

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