Thursday, March 31, 2016

ANGEL-ASSISTED HOME CLEARING/BLESSING - Remove harmful entities, energies, Portals, and much more!

Does your home have strange occurrances?  Are there weird spots of energy?  Do you or your loved ones experience unexplained irritability or discomfort in the home?  Do you or your loved ones experience issues of mental or physical health that you cannot explain?  Maybe you or others in your home "feel" as though someone else is there when no one else is around.  You are likely experiencing one of many types of energetic or damaging forces that can be plaguing your home or office. 

Incorporating Intuitive Abilities, communication with Arch Angels, Spirit Guides, and The Great Creator of All, facilitates the most thorough and powerful form of Home/Office Energy Clearing.  

Some entities in your home or space are benevolent, such as your personal guides, angels, or loving deceased ancestors.  WE DO NOT DISTURB BENEVOLENT ENERGIES OR ENTITIES.  
All work done is to only dissipate, transmute and remove ill-intending, malicious, or trickster energies and entities that are creating dis-Ease of mind, body and spirit within the home and its inhabitants.  We go FAR DEEPER than those clearing homes with Sage or Holy Water.  This is because we are attending to historical and energetic geological issues that often run under the home plaguing it from below.

I will share a story of a past client:  Her home was built on an Indian burial ground.  However, she had a history prior to moving into this home to be plagued by "things moving in her previous home". This led me to believe that the entities were attached to her and not entities on the land.  Prior to meeting me, she had a Healer come to her home on the Indian land and clear it.  After this Healer cleared her home, the activity actually got worse.  Through communication with my guides, I came to believe that the entities that traveled with her from the last house to this home were malevolent, tricksters trying to scare and feed off of the energy of her and her young daughter.  What we further discovered from Spirit Communications, was that the Indians were attempting to protect her and her daughter from the malevolent entities... and when the previously hired healer did a clearing, she cleared out the protective Indians and never addressed the real issue at hand!!!  Since then we have welcomed the benevolent Indian Spirits back, if they so desired to stay attached to the land.  We also had to dissipate, transmute and send into the Light the Malevolent entities that have been plaguing her and her daughter for several years.  Word to the wise, not all healers know what they are doing!

These Angel-Assisted Clearings dissipate portals, entities, ley lines, vortexes, curses to the home or land, underground waterways, and much more. Clients have experienced increase energy, healthier mind & body, better sleep, and a new sense of emotional and physical freedom.

Here is a testimonial from one of our clients who's son was suffering from disturbed sleep, "seeing" shadow people in his room at night, and irritable emotional states.


Thank you so much for the Angel-Assisted Clearing that you did to my home.  My younger son was afflicted with nightmares and seeing ghosts in his room.  His moods were erratic and he did not seem like the happy child he was before we moved into the home. The morning after the clearing, his room appeared lighter and brighter.  The whole house seemed more open.  Since then he has been sleeping much better and has had a whole month of no late night "visitors" that were scaring him so much!  He's been so much happier and more social.  I feel like I have my son back!!! Thank you! - Jamie

And another from a client suffering from lack of sleep, ghost activity, as well as physical ailments and trouble walking.

I just wanted to take the moment  to thank you again for such a wonderful House Clearing session. I wanted to let you know that since then I have been sleeping better and my sleep is more relaxed and I am  waking up more alert and with more energy. Also my physical aches and pains are without so much intensity. I seem to have found a new sense of peace and joy. Even the cat is sleeping more and has improved appetite! I truly believe that all of this is happening due to the house blessing/ things rise to the surface and dissipate more I feel more love and peace is on its way... so thank you once again. in love and light, Beryl P.

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