Friday, February 26, 2016

Stop Manifesting What You Do NOT Desire...

What you RESIST PERSISTS, and What you FOCUS ON EXPANDS... "When things aren't working right in your world, often it comes down to Resisting that which you should Focus On , and focusing on that which you Do Not Desire." -A Zariah

Your Mind/Energy is an amazing and powerful manifestation machine!  How many times have we heard, listen to or discussed the elements of Law of Attraction and still could not seem to manifest that which we desire?  Are our goals to lofty, or not in alignment with our Highest Good?  Perhaps, dear one, but perhaps your mind programming is playing tricks on you.  

Often we CLAIM to desire one thing, while or actions and subconscious programming focus on something contradictory.  For example, let's say my friend Girard was attempting to manifest more money into his life.  He is not focussing on his lack or his bills, as he learned in The Secret movie.  He is praying, feeling good and focussing on calling in money.  Now, some money comes from unexpected sources and he is able to pay some bills and take his friend out to dinner and buy that nice trinket he's been wanting for a while... and the next thing Girard knows, he's back to square one and "not focussing on his lack or bills and calling in more money."

If this sounds familiar to you, please read on.  There is a piece of the puzzle that has been missing and it DOES apply to all areas, not just money.

Now, let's look at the story differently.  Girard is appropriately NOT focussing on his lack of money.  In doing that he has chosen to not look at his bank account.  It is small in value and dips below the zero mark from time to time.  When it does this, he is sent into a fear mode, so to resolve this, he does not look at his bank account at all.  The problem with that is this - WHAT YOU RESIST, PERSISTS.  and WHAT YOU FOCUS ON EXPANDS.  These two Law of Attraction principles go hand in hand... AND directly apply to Girard's cycle of Lack...

What you resist, persists.  Girard is resisting, acknowledging his small bank account.  He is resisting, NURTURING his bank account that it crying out for attention, security and growth.  As he RESISTS that a problem with the bank account  EXISTS, the problem with his bank account PERSISTS.  

Simultaneously, he is ALSO not FOCUSSING on the money he has!  Even if it is only $10.  That is $10 that you should be grateful for.  If you see a penny, pick it up with gratitude and affirm to the Universe, "Thank you! More, please!"  Because what you focus on EXPANDS!  Focus on your money, even if its only a penny, watch your bank account daily, and expand the number in your account both physically, by putting in more that you take out, and energetically by continuing to call in more money sources from the Universe.  Grow your Wealth and Abundance exponentially by becoming diligent in your focus of that which you want in all areas of your life.

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