Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What you need to know to survive MERCURY RETROGRADE Jan 5-25

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Jan 5, officially started the first day of Mercury Retrograde and will continue through to January 25th.  Many fear Mercury Retrograde, but truly it is a special time to make great advancements in your inner growth if you have an understanding of its purpose.

Why do people fear or dread Mercury Retrograde?  The planet Mercury is the ruler of Communications, anything associated with communications and local travel.  During this time of Retrograde, the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards in its orbit as seen from Earth and the result for us is that communications (and all tools of communications) seem to go backwards and haywire as well.  This is not a time to mail important letters or packages, sign contracts, buy computers or electronics, or go on a road trip.  All of these things are likely to go awry.  It does not mean it is impossible, it just means read the contract 3 times before signing, expect delays while you travel, and expect unnecessary difficulties with communication devices.  This is not a time to make commitments to new loves or have an in-depth conversation with an on-going partner (business, love, friend or otherwise) because the communication will be "off" and something will be incorrectly perceived and cause unnecessary hardship. This is just Mercury Retrograde. You would be best suited to table the conversation until after Mercury goes back direct.  In fact, wait at least until the 28th or later so the Retrograde energies have dissipated.

So what SHOULD YOU DO during a Mercury Retrograde?  As with all things that seem negative, Mercury Retrograde does have its benefits. Because Mercury Retrograde is "going backwards" in its orbit.  This time is best suited for looking back on our lives and is a great time to go backwards into our past to either revisit/rekindle old loves and relationships, visit old stomping grounds to rekindle our youth, sweet memories and receive messages and opportunities from our Guides and Higher Self.  This is also a great time for introspection.  Look back on your life, your "mistakes", your "relationships" and reflect.  What have you learned?  What can you do better going forward?  What could you have done differently, can can do differently, if and when a similar situation arises again.

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