Monday, January 13, 2014

All Natural (and inexpensive) Treatment for Scabies

91% Alcohol
Peppermint Oil 2oz is plenty
Clove Oil  20z is plenty
a few spray bottles
Bottle of Odorless garlic (walmart - 100 tabs 3 bucks)
Bottle of cayenne fruit pills (walmart 6 bucks)
Bottle of Beta carotene (walmart 4 bucks)
few bars of sulfur soap (can find at mexican grocery stores)
10oz container of aloe lotion

In the spray bottle, fill half the bottle of rubbing alcohol, 1 oz peppermint and some water..Windex bottles or the like, work well.
Peppermint is a neurotoxin to critters and rodents... it kills everything from ants to mice and keeps killing them for about a day)
Spray your whole house down and clothes with this sheets bedding everything...if you have a steam cleaner use it on your carpet with this mixture instead of soap).. then do this every day for about a week

Soak in a Hot Tub.. pour the other half of that alcohol into that tub and take a bath with the sulfur soap... soak for about 30 minutes- read a book.

tempty out half of the aloe in another container = combine 1oz Clove and 1oz peppermint oil
put all over your body except genitals,  be careful around eyes, ears, mouth, etc...
Your whole body will feel like its ON FIRE... this pain goes away eventually) the clove WILL KILL EVERY SCABY on your body within 15minutes.. will also kill anything you come into contact with or sit on
DO NOT GET THIS LOTION NEAR ANY MUCUS MEMBRANES... you'll end up in the hospital and probably blind

now the peppermint stays in your skin longer than the clove... when new eggs hatch, it kills the babies so it gives you some breathing room
every time you itch, either apply lotion to that area and on the whole appendage (your wrist itches, lotion your whole arm)

You can spray that peppermint spray you have down there, minty cool breeze and your junk tastes like x-mas, also it burns really bad... really really bad, but not as bad as clove oil does)
DONT SPRAY YOUR DOG OR CAT WITH THE SPRAY BOTTLE.. them simply being in contact with you will kill most of their mange (dog scabies).. also get them something called "Revolution" if its bad and give them a bath with a bit of peppermint dog shampoo

Take 2 tablets each of the garlic and cayenne 4 times a day
beta Caroteine take twice daily for a week..

You should be completely scabies-mite free in a week.

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