Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Twinflames 2013

As the quest to understand the phenomenon of the Twinflame Love Evolution continues to unfold, I am continually struggling with an idea that my fellow Twinflame seekers will not like... I don't really think the Twinflame concept exists as the legend is outlined.  Yes, the symptoms and experiences definitely exist, but do they only occur with ONLY ONE OTHER SOUL in this unfathomably vast, unlimited universe?

What is a Twinflame?
At the beginning of time, your soul was merged with one other.  Something like the Yin Yang symbol.  The Yin alone is complete in and of itself, as is the Yang.  However, when merged together, these two whole aspects become a greater whole, a deeper defining entity of life itself.  In some ways they are totally alike, cut from the same fabric.  Yet in other ways they are total opposites of each other creating a fully balanced whole within their union.  Throughout time those souls walk the physical earth, operate in spirit, exist in other dimensions, and not necessarily is the pair manifested in the same plane at the same time.

What are the symptoms of a Twinflame relationship?
The Twinflame relationship is truly like none you have ever experienced.  The energy is so intense when the energy of these two entities come together that strange occurances that border on defying physics and physiological existance as we know them, begin to occur.  Heightened awareness, psychic connections and psychic communications develop and are intensified between the two, empathic abilities increase - feeling their energy field and/or emotions when they are not there, an intense magnetism coupled with an intense need to flee or repulsion is also often present.

Common traits of the Twinflame relationship are unique as well
Typically one or both parties are married or unavailable, live faraway from each other and/or have a large unexplicable age difference.  This is believed to occur because the Twinflame relationship requires unusual levels of overcoming hardship, passing of spiritual tests and proving high spiritual levels of growth.  Typically Twinflames take years to actually be together as they slowly and delicately restring the elements of their lives in a way to not bring harm to those around them.  Some say that because they are cut from the same fabric that they actually look alike.  Though I have not found this to be true across the board.

How do I find my Twinflame?
Well... Here lies the problem.  Because the Twinflame phenomenon centers around the concept that there is reincarnation and the the pair is not likely to be incarnated in the same plane of existence at the same time.  Now, coincidentally because we are in a time of great spiritual growth, The Ascension, a Spiritual Evolution, more and more Twinflames were incarnated to merge during this time to elevate the energies of the planet and help to catapult us through to the next dimensional shift.  So, it is not a 100% guarantee that your Twinflame is even alive in physical form on this planet right now for you to even have the opportunity to find them.

So why am I conflicted that this phenomenon is real?
Despite spending my life being a hopeless romantic, seeking that perfectly matched partner, I am leaning towards a concept that is a little bit different and perhaps offers more hope to those Twinflame seekers out there.  What I sense to believe begs this question - Which came first, the Ascension or the abundance of Twinflames merging?  What I mean by this question is simple really, did the Twinflame phenomenon dramatically increase because they are meant to aid in the Ascension?  Or, did the Ascension happen, awakening people to their psychic abilities, intensifying their relationships, heightening their senses, and causing this phenomenon to occur that is so new and so profound that we have given it a new name and new storyline, the Twinflames, two souls separated at the beginning of time.  You see, perhaps I have become jaded in my 40 years of living, but I tend to find the latter more conceivable.  I tend to believe that the Ascension is not only a Spiritual Evolution for humanity, but a Love Evolution as well.  The product of those who have evolved ahead of the curve are being called Twinflames, when I tend to actually believe that the Twinflame love is actually the goal for the mainstream, not something reserved for someone special who fell lucky enough to get a Golden Ticket out of billions of possible chocolate bars.

So while, my fellow Twinflamers may not like me saying that I don't really believe the Twinflame Phenomenon to be all that the legend states, I do offer hope for the future, that this phenomenon can happen to anybody who is willing to be willing.  Be willing to be open to new ideas, new energies, new spaces in your soul and mind that have laid dormant for centuries awaiting this time of Awakening.  Breathe deeply, relax your body and mind, and go where no other can go but you, within.

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  1. What in your opinion is keeping separated TFs from being together?


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