Saturday, February 9, 2013

The EAT PRAY LOVE Meditation

I have studied many different forms of meditation throughout my life.  One of the simplest forms, that has had the most immediate profound alterations to my state of peace and frame of NOW came from the movie EAT PRAY LOVE.  In the movie, our lead character is prompted to pray in the following manner - "smile with your face, smile with your heart, smile with your belly".

When I watched this movie I was going through my own profound transformation.  Like the lead character in the movie, my life was in complete upheaval and it had me in deep states of pain and distress as I walked through the fires that transform us.  Unlike the lead character in the movie, I did not have the money to fund a year-long global spiritual self-seeking adventure.  However, bells rang within me when this interesting meditation was suggested to her.

This is an amazingly transformational meditation that I urge everyone to try.

SMILE WITH YOUR FACE - It is hard to FEEL or THINK negatively when you have a smile on your face.  My grandmother used to insist on me smiling as a little girl, no matter how I felt.  It was a good to start to moving into a new state of being.

SMILE WITH YOUR HEART - With a smile on your face, think of something or someone that you love, or think of something that brings you great joy.  Allow yourself to FEEL the joy and love in your HEART that you associate with that.  The key element to smiling with your heart is FEELING the genuine love and joy in your heart and with that, knowing that your heart is smiling.

SMILE WITH YOUR BELLY - This is a little harder to do.  For me, I hold a lot of stress or distress in my belly area.  Anyone who is empathic, will feel a lot of emotions in their belly area that effect them dramatically.  Now that your face is smiling and your heart is smiling, pull your beautiful breath down into your belly area.  Allow any stress to fall away, allow your belly area to loosen and open with the Divine energy infused in the breath drawn into your belly area.  Focus on joy, love and relaxation filling your belly area.

Keep your three smiles in alignment and focus on your breathing.  Feel the joy and love that you have created in your being through these 3 simple actions and rest in this beautiful state.  Enjoy the travels that result from this beautifully transformational meditation.

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  1. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I love the meditation and will use it for clients.
    Thank you!


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