Monday, January 14, 2013

With 2012 behind us "Now What?" Moving into 2013 - Age of Aquarius

 Most of the people around me, experienced great upheaval and discomfort through 2012 as the powerful energy shifts ripped through their Spiritual Selves, shifting their inner knowing. "Ascension Symptoms", as it has been termed.  It transformed them physiologically down to their very DNA.  Those 2012 energies equally tore through their lives, shedding relationships, shifting careers, combusting marriages... anything not serving a Higher Purpose of the Spiritual Evolution of the Age of Aquarius as been stripped away.

One of my clients recently expressed his concerns to me.  "I feel like a blank piece of paper".  "I know that the answers are in my heart, and yet I can't access them." "Lost, confused and disillusioned."  Below is the enthusiastic letter I responded with (removing any of his personal details of course).  My excitement for his state, I share in a general way, in hopes that it will help others who have gone through dramatic changes in 2012, and are now feeling a little like-- "now what?"

Dearest _____________,
I am so honored that you are sharing this experience with me.  So beautiful that you are a "blank piece of paper".  The Ancients called this "Tabula Rasa", blank tablet or clean slate.  An opportunity to redefine yourself, or in your case, create yourself into your True Self. I feel I have gone through something quite similar, but perhaps in less of a soft and graceful way as it sounds like your experience is.  For me, the crumbling of an unhappy marriage, changing careers, changing friends... it is jolting for those around me, but I am becoming my True Self and realigning myself with my Higher Purpose.  This is what I believe you are experiencing in a quieter more peaceful way, which may feel like the nothingness that you described to me.  You are transforming!! I am excited for you.

I will share with you the simple mantra that I have gotten much direction from.  The answers haven't fully developed for me, however the path to the answers is being laid before me.  Life is becoming more and more magical and exciting.  My mantra "OPEN THE DOORS THAT I AM MEANT TO WALK THROUGH.  CLOSE THE DOORS THAT NO LONGER SERVE MY HIGHEST PURPOSE.  HOW MAY I SERVE?"

This has been so powerful for me.  Walking through those doors has been intimidating at times, as people approach me and offer opportunities that fulfill unwhispered dreams.  As I walk in faith, miracles unfold.  I pray for this, for you, my friend.  Worry not about the answers or the end result.  The answers will be revealed to you depending on your willingness to follow your "directions", the clues given by our Creator, by our Spirit Guides, by our Higher Self. 

I hope you are meditating to deepen these connections.  However, if the answers are not coming to you in meditation, do not worry.  Your Spiritual Instructions may be coming to you from other ways.  Pay attention.  Look for clues.  Listen to strangers.  God works mysteriously through all that are around us, speaking through loved ones, strangers, and even enemies.

I send you great love and enthusiasm for the place you are in your life.  Fill your heart will love and joy, share it with the world, pay attention to the signs around you and watch miracles unfold for you!! 

Please let me know how you progress, my friend.  Remember that we all come from Source, we are all connected by Source Energy, and we will one day all merge in our perfect Oneness, back to Source.  I love you. 


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