Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Energy Clearing - Fastest Fix to a Lighter, Brighter You

I've done many energy clearings of homes and offices, and always with amazing results as to the shift that occurs when the work is complete.  It should come as no surprise that when a toxic roommate moved out of the house, that an energy clearing lifted and removed that toxic, angry energy like lifting a thick fog and leaving behind a dwelling that LOOKED brighter, FELT happier, and helped strengthen the bonds of the remaining dwellers in the home.

What comes as a surprise to me, and a fabulous learning experience is that over the matter of a few weeks the negative energy came back in small doses and with such subtlety that we barely noticed.  It wasn't until I went through a couple of back to back days of grouchy disconnected lethargic days that it finally could not be ignored.  A dear friend and clairvoyant discovered it first. 

"What are you staring at?" I asked him during a visit at the house.
"You have dark mist and negative energy floating in the ceiling fan."  Normally someone with whom I have fabulous repoire and lively banter, during this visit we couldn't seem to connect at all.  We were both disjointed and scattered.  It was almost like we were ignoring each other, much like how I would react to the roommate who had moved out a few weeks prior.

He was on his way out the door when he noticed the dark mist.  I did another cleansing, leaving incense burning throughout the house to assist the process and left for 20 minutes. When I returned I was amazed to find that my attitude seemed more positive and less lethargic.  I felt more emotionally in tune.  The others that I lived with seemed to be uplifted and joyful and I no longer felt scattered or heavy.

I called my friend back to tell him about the shift and how dramatically it affected my energy levels, as well as my emotional and mental well being.  I am thrilled to experience first hand the effectiveness of my work and passion in energy healing and to know that I am making a true healthy shift in the world.  I have added some steps to my cleansings to safe guard against these reappearances of the negativity, however cleansings are still necessary and should probably be done once a month to clear out any negativity that occurs within the self or between inhabitants, not to mention the outside negativity that you track into your home unwittingly.

I love working with energy in so many aspects.  For more information on Home or Office Clearings, CHIOS energy body healings, Energy Power Charge to the Body, Manifestation or Spellworking
email me at ArianaZariah@gmail.com or MagusKnows@gmail.com
Exorcisms available upon request (and performed more often than you'd want to know)

Love the home that houses your body
Love the body that houses your soul
Love your soul for Love is all that is

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