Saturday, September 29, 2012


I love to take Full Moon Energy Baths, which consists of sitting quietly, connecting to Earth energies to the Moon energies.  Gazing at the moon, I admire her by sending her love and appreciation as I absorb her generous and gorgeous energies.
Everything is Energy
We are approximately 60% Water
Another great thing to do is to INFUSE your WATER with the Moon's energy.  This can be done by setting bottles of water out after sunset to sit in the moonlight.  Even if you don't take a moon bath, do take some time to sit with the water, get grounded and set your intention for the water.
I humbly ask the moon to infuse the water with energy so that when it is consumed it aids in healing, raising vibrational levels, drawing love and/or abundance, etc.  I leave my water out in the moonlight for several hours, always retrieve before sunrise.  I also, keep the bottles in a dark place or under a dark cloth to preserve the moon energy and intention for the storage period.
Every time I drink from a Moonlight Infused water bottle, I can't help but to think of the intention set into it, adding to its power. 
Don't forget to set your crystals and favorite jewelry in a moonlit windowsill for a full moon too.  You can set intentions and talk to your crystals as well.  Create magic in your world and your world will be magical.

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