Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why Does My Back Ache? What your Doctor Doesn't Know...

Are you Suffering from Backaches? 
Explore these ideas with an open mind and you may find some relief that your Doctor or Chiropractor doesn't know about.

If you are suffering from backaches you may get some added relief from exploring the psychosomatic (of or pertaining to a physical disorder that is caused by or notably influenced by emotional factors) reasons behind your ailment.  Louise Hay has a fabulous book out on this topic called "Heal Your Body" which I have on my mobile Kindle.  Between her assessments and my own experiences, I would like to share with you some ideas of why you may suffer from specifically issues in your back and how to work on healing them.

The reason I am pinpointing the back is because I heard an intuitive healer once discuss that when we have a "hurt" or unresolved issue that we do not want to deal with, nor do we want to "look at it" anymore, we stick it behind us.  However, because it is unresolved it is still "attached" to us.  So then, where does this issue go?  It attaches somewhere to our back and because it is a "hurt" it causes pain in the area where it attaches.

Heartache manifests is many ways in the body.  Heart and lung diseases and ailments, hunched-over posture (protecting the heart), as well as pain in the back directly behind the heart.

If you have a tendancy to say people or things are a Pain in the Neck or a Pain in the "Arse", you will be likely to manifest pain in the area that you talk about.  What you focus on, expands into reality.  Work to change your language in these areas.  An intuitive healer that I know has replaced the phrase, "it's to die for" to "it's to LIVE for".  It's really quite brilliant!

Louise Hay references that pains in the lower back could also attribute to issues with Financial Fears or beliefs in Lacking Abundance.  As we study the Law of Attraction, we learn that the Universe is Unlimited in Abundance and Unlimited in Possibilities.  Thoughts of Lack, create Less of.  Focussing on your Abundance, creates more Abundance.

Louise Hay also references that Neck Pain is attributed to a stubbornness or inflexibility and refusing to see other perspectives on issues.

Any issues that you choose not to address, work through and/or deal with can metaphysically "put behind you" and attach to your back causing a pain somewhere back there.  I found a large pain between my shoulder blades that was attributed to Humiliation.  Any issues of humiliation added to the pain that existed there until I started to work to clear out that issue within my psyche to heal my body.

Now that I've given you some ideas as to why you may have some back pain, I suggest you explore within your own intuition what sounds right, what feels right to you.  Only you, know your body.  The pain is there to alert you to something that needs work.

Here are two of my favorite meditations for alleviating the issues behind the pain.

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