Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What you Focus on Expands

What you Focus on Expands, what you obsess over Destroys.

This has been a hard lesson for this little Spirit to learn.  Discerning between pinpointed Focus and the Attachment of Obsession can be difficult when caught up in the moment.  The element of Need occurs when Attachment is in play.  The Need, implies that you are lacking something, which sends mixed messages to the Universe when you are in process of manifesting abundance.  If the Attachment grows and the Need takes over, that is when Obsession occurs.

For Example:
When one is focussing on Love in a healthy manifesting way, one is focussing on ALL THINGS in the NOW that trigger the Love sensation.  When this practice manifests the desired Love Mate, then we must take care in not transferring all of our Love attention onto the new Love Mate, neglecting all other things in that Now that created the space for the Love Mate to occur. 

When all pinpointed focus becomes centered on one thing, for instance, the new Love Mate, we fall spiralling into Attachment, false beliefs of Need and consequently into Obsession.  This cycle will not only destroy the health and well-being of the Love Sensation within your soul that you created by focussing on the Love of all things in the Now, but in turn will also destroy the health and well-being of the Love sensation between you and the object of Need or Obsession, the Love Mate.  The beautiful, pure, Divine Love sensation that occurred between the two of you in the beginnings of the relationship then turns obsessive, fearful, jealous and toxic.  Phew. 

So then the trick to a healthy, Divine Love relationship is to continue to appreciate and Love all things in the Now, adding in that special Love Mate.  If you've been through this cycle in some way and I'm sure you can relate.

In this moment I am extending gratitude to the Lost Love Mate, for teaching me this difficult lesson.

Here's to manifesting Love in your life.  And if you are truly blessed, you may encounter your Twin Flame.
I send you blessings of loving, pearly pink light to give you a Boost of Love as you continue on your journey.


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