Tuesday, May 29, 2012

THE POWER OF LOVE: Venus Transits the Sun June 5 2012

Many people experienced some profound shifts and tranformations in May, starting with the Supermoon
full moon May 5th and climaxing with the new moon solar eclipse on May 20th.  The speed of transformation continues on its lightspeed course with another cosmic burst on June 5th when Earth's sister planet, Venus, ruler of Romantic Love and all things beautiful, will be visible transiting (crossing in front of) the Sun. This will not happen again until 2117, so you will not want to miss the full force of this powerful transit.

Now, where the Supermoon was a great time to pull in the moon's powerful healing energies into us. She brought powerful levels of acute emotions and dramatically heightened our sensitivities.

The new moon is always a good time for releasing (whether external or internal) and when transiting the
Sun (a solar eclipse ) these effects were focussed and given great power. Many people experienced dramatic release of fears, negativity, and emotional turmoil that had been holding back their growth and expansion. 

Now we move into a Venus transiting the Sun.  The Sun in astrology represents the the way a person expresses their basic energy potential and creative drive to grow and develop as an individual.and the fundamental consciousness.  While Venus energizes us with love and optimism, determining how we express emotion in our relationships, especially in love,  and she rules all things of beauty, art, music and high vibrational levels.

So when Venus transits the Sun we get a period of merging of these energies penetrating the Earth.  This is a powerful opportunity for individuals to increase their basic energy potential and fundamental conscious with extremely high levels of Venus's Love, Optimism, Beauty and Good Vibrations. 

What could be more valuable after clearing out all of that Yuck during the New Moon Solar eclipse, but to fill all of that space with LOVE LOVE LOVE! The Universe had ordered these events so perfectly.  These are not coincidences, but obvious fundamental conscious occurences by the Higher Order of Being. 

So, get ready for June 5th, to soak up the effects of the LOVE POWER that has been so beautifully orchestrated for us.  This is an essential next step in our evolutionary process.  Those that have been feeling restless in their current love relationships will soon find out why.  This transit is indictative of the restructuring of Love Relationships as we have known them.  A higher level of Love Relationship is evolving and we will see more and more shifts in relationships as we seek both higher levels of Love and Love relationships with Higher Purpose.

Please see my Blogs on Twin Flames for more info on that!

Until then ---- NAMASTE.  I love you to my maximum potential... and after June 5th I will love you exponentially more and in a much purer way than I understand now. 
Your sister, your friend, your Love, Ariana.

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