Friday, May 18, 2012

Twin Flames, Einstein, & the Big Bang

According to scientific theory, the first matter was hydrogen, the simplest form if matter.  All there was in the universe was hydrogen.

So, in the beginning, there was Hydrogen. Now, for some reason, the Hydrogen becomes attracted to each other and they start to cluster and merge. When the clusters reach a specific density, they begin to heat up, then to burn. Thus, creating a STAR.

I'm going to stop right there. The Hydrogen becomes attracted to each other, merge, heat up and create a star. Kind of like humans, who, one minute are individuals living their lives floating around and then FOR SOME REASON, they become attracted to each other, merge, their energies collectively heat up and increase dramatically... and then what? Yes, new life can be created from this energy and that, in and of itself is miraculous. However, Einstein's famous theory, E=MCsquared, tells us that M (matter) is equivalent to E (energy) just in a different form. C (Speed of Light) is a constant number. Energy and matter are equal.

It's just, that I have this tugging within me that we, as humans, have not yet evolved to the true understanding of the power of this merging energy.  It is my personal experience that in human relationship energy, 1+1 does not equal 2. Maybe I should rephrase that, 1 person + 1 person does equal 2 people . However if before they met, 1 person's energy measures 10 and the others persons energy measures 8, it is not accurate to assume that their collective total is 18. Why? I do not know. I only know that when I engage with a loved one our energies increase exponentially.  Instead of 18, we can be at 32, or 108, it just depends on the relationship and the interaction.  Then, I believe, not understand this energy or its purpose we end up in an energy struggle of control for power and control of the collective energy.

So where am I going with all of this?

If the evolutionary purpose of hydrogen merging into clusters was to create stars. And those stars consequently fused together to create a slightly more complex element of matter/ energy called Helium. Which led to the next evolutionary merging which made another even slightly more complex matter/ energy, Lithium... And so on through the chart of elements from 8th grade Science class. Then this evolution should logically STILL be in effect with the currently most complex  collection of energy/ mass, humans.

Now, relate this to the human experience.  Are we not like these stars? Merging energies only to become elevated in complexity of energy somehow? I'm not referring to the gift of offspring at this point, I am referring to the merging of energies and consciousness.

What it the purpose of Attraction between two people? Not just sexual attraction, but as simple as I met someone and it was like I've known them forever. We exchange energy and information. We elevate and become more complex and energized. Spiritually, there are many romantic and appealing explanations. Despite my affinity for those projections, I've been struck from a scientific viewpoint, what is the purpose of attraction? Why does the man I share babies with, no longer capture my heart and send my energies soaring? Why does the one after him who seemed like a spiritual awakening no longer have any hold over my heart or energy levels? How could someone new have taken that place and sent me into an ever deeper level of consciousness? Are these relationships merely about our evolution? Does this destroy, or support, our beloved Twin Flame Theory? Will those of us who are courageous enough to continually evolve, be constantly merging with someone new? Or will we eventually find the one that we merge with, heat up together to such a burning that we become what we always were, a STAR. Together we go home to our place of true origin.

Which brings me to an image that I recieved in meditation not just a few days ago... The Lotus Flower of Fire.  I did not understand the imagery when it came to me, but it fits in here nicely.

A man and woman, sitting in lotus position facing each other. Their chakras are connected by energy chords.  As energy builds, they ignite and become consumed by the Lotus Flower of Fire...and, in theory, ascend back home in this way. 

Many blessings to you.

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