Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SoulMates, Twin Flames, and the Love Revolution

About two years ago, I looked around my world and noticed that Love Relationships seemed to be changing. 9 out of 10 of my close friends ( and their friends ) were in dissatisfying marriages, some for many years.  'Stuck', 'soulless', 'walking dead', 'going through life like a zombie' were some of the more dramatic terms that I began to hear frequently.  Many were more vague, 'there's just something missing'. The more people I spoke to, the more I became suspicious that this was part of a global shift in consciousness. Love relationships as we once defined them, were no longer feeding our souls. It seemed to me that what was occurring was a common longing for a deeper intimacy and love that most could not quite define.

As we move into states of higher consciousness, I feel we need multiple terms for varying developments of 'Love'.  This deeper Love that I feel is sparking this longing differs from the Universal Love energy that permeates all things and is a deep part of our Divine Spirit and our true natural state.  That Universal Love energy is a constant.  It cannot evolve, we evolve to it

What I am referring to is the Intimate Love bond between two people. The restlessness within so many intimate relationships is an indication to me that there is a need for this emotion and / or these relationships to evolve.  The restlessnesswe are experiencing seems to be a longing for something that has been missing throughout so many lifetimes that we have forgotten what it was.  Something so much a part of us that we know that it is not there, but we no longer know how to define it. 

I began to seek the answer to my own deep longing.

'Soulmate' no longer fit the bill.  I had met many soulmates in my life and many of those relationships have been non-intimate in nature.  Who are Soulmates and how do they attain that status?  Some say simply that Soulmates are people you have had many past life experiences with and therefore have developed a bond that threads through time.  Some go on to say that they are also part of a 'Soul Group'.  Going deeper, it seems that depending on your origin of Star Stuff, so defines your Soul Group and therefore Soulmates with whom you have had many past life experiences.

Then a buzz word started cropping up all around me. TWIN FLAME.

The Twin Flame has been defined in a way that reminds me of the Yin / Yang symbol.  The Yin and Yang are seperate entities that merge together to create one unit of perfect balance.  So the Twin Flame is defined as one perfectly balanced soul unit comprised of two seperate soul entities that are seperated and sent to earth to evolve for Ascension and rejoin back into its higher whole.

According to the definition of the Twin Flame experience, every relationship that we have throughout time is to evolve towards Ascension and prepare us for the merging with our lost Twin Flame.  As we are collectively evolving, preparing for Ascension, so too are we evolving  in our Love Relationships to closer match the love involved in a relationship with our Twin Flame.

I choose to believe that this phenomenon exists. My perfect balance is out there preparing to merge with me.  Together we will create an exponential level of Love energy fueling the acceleration of the global evolution.  My Twin Flame and I will complete our evolution together by assisting the global community and ultimately ascend and actually, finally, go home.  Together.

 Or maybe, I'm just a hopeless romantic star-gazer chasing unicorns and fairy dust...

May you find the LOVE you seek,
however you choose to define it.



  1. I believe that we have moved into a time period in which twin flame reunions are going to be happening frequently. I've met my twin flame within the last year and the occurrence really caused both of us to experience a hastening of our spiritual awakening.

    1. I agree with you, Marcus. Things are speeding up for many. It's wonderful to be an active participant in this exciting spiritual evolution. Bless you that you found your flame. May we all join you in that glory. Namaste.

  2. I didn't know the person I met was my twin until after all the insanity ensued, and I thought I was going insane. I then sought out answers, which led me to my first meeting with a spiritual counsellor. She then told me that I had met my twin, I even picked the twinflame card when she did my reading afterwards. For me, it has been 8 months of insanity,as he runs from the intensity of our union. For whatever reason, the universe brought us together, and keeps us together. I can't wait to see how this reunion ends, as I feel that my whole world is wrapped up in this amazing gift or curse.

    1. THANK YOU for posting! That is amazing to hear. I had assumed that because you are twins you would magnetize and it would be amazing. More and more twin flames are finding each other, but I did not consider that one might not be ready. You have my prayers that he sees the light and stops fighting. Love to you.

    2. THANK YOU for posting! That is amazing to hear. I had assumed that because you are twins you would magnetize and it would be amazing. More and more twin flames are finding each other, but I did not consider that one might not be ready. You have my prayers that he sees the light and stops fighting. Love to you.

    3. Hi "Twinflame" I seem to have been experiencing the exact same thing with a guy. Literally, I can relate to everything you said about your situation only for me it's been over a year of the insanity. But I know he is my twinflame for several reasons, the first being he was the first man I ever felt like I could be my real true self with, second, the first time we met it felt like I had known him before, as it was as comfortable as talking to my best friend, third I fought it myself for a bit to be honest because I didnt want to give in to the feeling, forth something keeps drawing us back to eachother, fifth the signs I receive have been unbelievable. I have had a million what are the odds with relation to him all pointing to the fact to not give up on him. I know he will see the light, the time is approaching I am certain. Sixth, after meeting him and him fleeing from the intensity I began a spiritual journey that has truly been amazing and I have evolved in ways I never imagined possible. And Seventh, the idea of being with him makes me want to be a better woman, the best version of my true and ultimately higher self. But I really do feel that now is a time for the union of twinflames. I never expected to feel how I did but it was and is the most powerful feeling I have ever felt towards a man. I pray yours also sees the light soon :)


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