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Archangel Michael is usually depicted with a sword or spear. Historically he was first seen as a healing angel, and then over time as a Protector and the leader of the army of God against the forces of evil. Learn More...

Archangel Michael is always available to act as Protector to those in need.  His powerful silver sword is unparalleled for the purposes of Cord Cutting.

What is Cord Cutting and why might I need it?  We are all connected to some degree by energy.  "It's time to cut the cords." A common saying with more truth than many realize.  "It has been so hard to detach." Many say of a passionately toxic relationship. 
"My boss/neighbor/ex-lover is such a pain in my A--!" Time to cut the cords. These are energy cords that connect us.  In a healthy, expansive relationship these cords are useful for a reciprocal energy exchange where both people are elevated in energy, success, abundance, happiness, etc.  When the relationship turns hurtful, emotionally draining, and/or toxic it is essential to consciously cut the cords and Archangel Michael is the most powerful way to do this.

I recommend beginning in a comfortable seated position only because doing meditation lying down can result in falling asleep (which while pleasant, does divert us from the purpose of the Meditation.)

Take several long slow deep breaths start by filling your abdomen and fill up into your chest, then exhale from your chest, downwards and pulling the bellybutton into the spine.  On each inhale, draw Pure Divine Light down from the heavens into your body, as you exhale visualize negative thoughts, emotions, stress exiting your body (I usually visualize it as a brown smoggy smoke).  Repeat this process until you feel your body relaxing.

With eyes closed, "look to your Third eye" (the space between the eyes just above the browline.)  Visualize the Divine Light connecting to the top of your head (Crown Chakra) and filling your body with Light.  Open your Heart and Call upon ArchAngel Michael to come forth.

You may only sense a glow of Light and a huge sword.  Trust that ArchAngel Michael is with you.  Feel the Divine Love and Desire to Protect that emanates from his being.  Explain your situation, either aloud or in your thoughts whichever feels right to you.  Ask him to cut the cords that afflict your body, mind and spirit.  You may know who is connected to you, you may not.  Be as specific as you can.

When he lifts his mighty sword and slices through the cord see the Divine Light burn the ends of the cords into your body, where the Light heals you and frees you of the draining / painful connection.  Visualize the Light burning the other end of the cord and send Blessings of Healing to the person (if known) who has afflicted you.  If you are not conscious of who has been connected to, you should still send Blessings of Healing to whoever is at the end of the cord.  This is not only to help heal them that they may not need to attach so quickly or frequently to you or someone else, but to heal yourself from any resentment that may have manifested by the connection.

When you feel you have cut all of the cords, extend blessings and gratitude to Archangel Michael for his assistance.  At this point I will surround myself in some kind of protective shield so I can recharge my energy and hold off new connections.  (Often if the connection is powerful, the person will resurface and attempt to reconnect.  You may need to repeat this process several times before that person moves on.)  The protective sheilds I have used have been a shield of mirrors, a barrier of White Light, Fairies, Shields emblazoned with crosses or any mystical symbol that resonates with you.  It's up to you. 

Know that it works, because it does.

May this free you of Energy Vampires, Crazy Makers, and Lost Souls who know nothing else. 

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  1. Do not lose heart in case of no very direct physical signs.meditation takes time to grasp.Constant prayer and meditation will in time mature and i assure you it is worth every minute of gathering odd.

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