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Alternative Healing Techniques

In 1995, I almost died.  I'd been extremely ill for days, but merely resigned myself to bedrest waiting for it to pass.  After several days of this, I awoke and realized that my skin was a greenish grey and I could not move.  I was 3 years into dabbling with Wholistic studies (but obviously not practicing properly), and that day was the beginning of my serious personal study of Wholistic Healing. 

I did not go to a doctor that day.  I did not go to a hospital either. A friend took me to my first Wholistic Healer, a Reiki Master and Colon Hydrotherapist by the name of Ruby Cooper in New York City. That experience led me to a greater understanding of the physical, spiritual, and mental bodies and how they ALL need to be kept healthy and fit to maintain a whole healthy being. 

When one or more of these bodies is ailing, illnesses will and do manifest. I am not a medical practioner by any means.  I have intimate bonds with many people in the health professions and have utmost respect for their work, however my history prior to and after that moment of near-death has been consistent.  Modern medicine consistently has misdiagnosed me from as far back as when I was 11 when I told the school Registered Nurse that I had scoliosis (curvature of the spine) during standard scoliosis testing of the students.  She told me I was wrong and sent me on my way.  I told my mom, who believed the nurse.  The next year at the standard check-ups again, I told the nurse I was sure I had scoliosis, she checked me and said I was fine.  I demanded that my mother take me for x-rays at my Pediatrician.  Xray Results, 20 degree angle, curvature of the spine.  My conclusion, you better know your body's signals and nuances, it is signalling you of ailments with aches, pains and abnormalities.  Modern medicine can only hypothesize based on a series of clues and past histories.

Illness, pains and abnormalities of the body manifest to alert us of toxins that have taken hold within mind, body, and spirit. I blog specifically about BACKACHES here. Addressing all three bodies, mental, physical, and spiritual, are essential to full success in uncovering, discovering and discarding that which is causing the toxic build up that creates the illness.

I highly recommend BACK TO EDEN by Jethro Kloss as my main resource for Herbal, cleansing, and eating remedies that I adhere to as best as I can to nourish the physical body.  The physical body, in and of itself, is a powerful healing tool.  Under non-abusive conditions, the human physical body WILL HEAL ITSELF.  Unfortunately, McDonalds, Coca Cola and Starbucks are some of the major culprits of self-imposed abuse of our physical bodies.

When dealing with major illnesses, specifically of the cancer and pre-cancerous varieties, I cannot stress enough the need to eliminate completely
  • Coffee
  • Soda
  • White sugars and ALL man-made sweeteners
  • PreProcessed foods, TV dinners, Microwaved food, boxed food, etc 
  • Refined flour products, (most common breads and pastas)
  • Meats (especially red meats and poultry)
UGH! What do I eat, you cry?!
Especially, if the body is battling a dramatic amount of toxins that has led up to serious illnesses such as Cancer or evidence of PreCancerous cell growth, I believe strongly in Jethro Kloss's menu of -
  • Fresh Purified water (at least a gallon or 4 Liters a day)
  • Herbal Teas (this doesn't count in your water intake- BACK TO EDEN will outline which herbal teas will help with specific ailments, however RED CLOVER TEA, ECHINCEA TEA are fabulous blood purifiers/ detoxifiers that I have seen great success with.
  • Whole grains - whole grain bread, whole grain rices, quinoa, wheat germ, etc
  • Fresh fruits and Fresh Vegetables - eaten whole, raw, or only lightly cooked to preserve the natural enzymes
  • Vegetable Juicing - For an overly toxified body, this is a great way to quickly reverse the process, add life energy to the body, enzymes, vitamins and minerals that the body has been lacking.  My favorite Juicer is the Juiceman Jr. My favorite juice is 3 carrots, 3 celery stalks and a chunk of ginger root this size of a Peach pit.
Do not rely on supplements in a toxified body.  Supplements in pill form are rarely absorbed by the toxified body properly.  Tinctures (liquid herbs), Herbal teas, and Vegetable juicing are the best absorbed for healing until the toxified body begins a rejunvenated elimination process.

Now that we've talked about what should (and should not) go into the body during the healing process, we must talk about the elimination process.  I personally believe that most disease starts in the colon with improper elimination.  A properly functioning body should eliminate solid waste 3 times a day.  Yeah. I found that astounding when I first discovered that various tribes of jungles and outback, with no access to McDonalds or Coca Cola, have this phenom occur.

Paying particular attention to elimination is a really important part of healing and awareness to your health.  (I am on regular Poop Patrol with my boys 5 and 7).  A nice laxative tea will often clear out a cold faster than any modern medicine because the elimination gives the body a clearer opportunity to focus on healing the infection.  The same principle applies with greater health issues.

In individuals who are suffering from major health issues, they need to monitor their elimination and experiment with the need for laxative teas and/or salt washes (drinking non-Iodized table salt or Epsoms).  Epsom Salt soaks in a hot bath are wonderous.  The skin is your largest organ for elimination and the Salt Soak absorbs toxins right through the skin.  It is also quite helpful for the muscle aches that you are likely to experience as you flush toxins and shift your body chemistry back to its original state.

And for the really serious patient, the colon hydrotherapy cleansing will change your life.  This will assist in cleansing toxins in a faster and more complete way than any other form.  While not pleasant, it has had an essential place in health and healing to the rich, royal, and/or famous for centuries.

If you read my blog on BACKACHES, I discuss the psychosomatic purposes behind some aches and pains in the back specifically.  For anyone interested in this concept, I recommend that you refer to Loiuse Hay (a Cancer survivor herself), author of HEAL YOUR BODY, which I keep on my mobile Kindle to refer to constantly. Although brief and cryptic, it gives a good starting point for what psychosomatic issues may be creating toxic blockages in these certain areas. 

For instance, a friend asked about issues with Renal Cancer which spread to the Lungs.  Renal Cancer, a type of kidney cancer that starts in the lining of very small tubes (tubules) in the kidney, according to Louise Hay's studies, Cancer is a manifestation of Resentments.  Issues with the Kidneys signifies an immature approach to life, treating oneself like or reacting to life like a child. Issues with criticism, failure, and/or shame. 

Personally, I find journalling to be a particularly useful tool in uncovering inner emotional turmoil that may not be within one's consciousness.  Asking questions and journalling about the possibility of these issues can open an area of understanding of oneself that had not been in one's awareness prior.  Uncovering these emotional issues, discovering the source or root of these emotional issues and discarding (releasing to God, your angels, the Universe, whatever feels right to you) will create a new space of peace within you where you may not have realized a "hurt" or heaviness to have existed.

Furthermore, concerning our subject patient, the malfunction of the kidneys causes a toxification of the bloodstream which is of utmost concern.  With the ailment is being carried throughout the body, it can attach and grow anywhere, and it has, in the lungs.  To begin I would recommend, remove carcinogens from the diet (coffee and Diet Coke are my two personal worst offenders) Man-made sweeteners, BAD! Burnt food is carcinogenic, cigarettes - you gotta quit, and red meats slow the system from functioning properly and therefore slow the healing process as well.  Also, I would highly recommend lots of Fresh water and lots of RED CLOVER TEA is a major priority in this case.

According to Louise Hay, issues with the lungs indicate a fear of breathing in life, or a fear of living life fully (or at all).  Making a particular point to practice deep Yogic breathing described in the GREEN LIGHT HEALING MEDITATION, should be helpful in this. My personal experience is that issues with the lungs and breathing is also a deficiency of the Heart Chakra.  Holding the shoulders back, lifting the chest towards the heavens and breathing healing light into the heart area regularly throughout the day is of miraculous assistance.  I suggest journalling to uncover the source of why one might have manifested this emotional issue. Again, I ultimately suggest journalling to uncover the emotional source of why one might have manifested their disease.

Healing of the Spiritual Body, in my mind is the most powerful of all three practices.  As we learn more and more about the common thread in all things, energy, we learn that manipulation of such energies can have dramatic effects on the physical world we live in.

For the patient, turning to regular Spiritual practice that resonates with the individual has great effects on the success of healing and reversal of disease.  Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, New Age, Buddhist... the list can go on, the final results are all the same, regular practice in a personal spiritual ritual and (even more powerful) regular associations in a spiritual fellowship will be of utmost importance.  All are welcome to join the International Healing Forum for a community of Spiritually connected souls perform group meditations and fellowship of Love, Unity and Global Peace.

Group Prayer / Group Healing Meditations
This is a fabulous way to extend Spiritual Healing energies to the diseased individual.  Building up energies of Love and Healing intentions while focussing on the individual offers some of the best results.  For those who work with Angels and other Spiritual Elementals, their unique and powerful energies offer significant assistance.  Organizing regular Healing Meditations for the individual offers up great healing effects.

Individual Energy Healing
Even if you are not adept with Energy Healing, anyone can offer up great Individual Energy Healing Services to a loved one.  Whether through long distance prayer/ meditation as described above, or if a face-to-face encounter is possible, then there is much you can do to help.  When it is someone that you care about, it should not be too hard to fill your heart with Love and Light.  Hugging the ailing individual with great love for any amount of time can create great energy shifts towards further healing.  Also, with Love in your heart and with intention of healing, rub your hands together to build up warmth and energy and lay your loving, healing hands on their area of disease.  Imagine your love pouring into them and dissolving the disease.  (Encourage them to drink a lot of water after these sessions to remove the loosened toxins.)  Just make them laugh and in states of extreme gratitude.

For the Ailing Individual
Watch a lot of funny movies.  Stay in laughter and gratitude. (I encourage you to get your hands on a copy of the movie THE SECRET which has an amazing true life example of a woman who beat breast cancer with some of these techniques and may offer encouragement and hope.) Adopting the Mantra of gratitude, "Thank you for my Life" or "Thank you for my healthy body" knowing it to be so has been offered with great success.  Keep yourself around positive, uplifting people who can offer you love and laughter.  The powerful healing within the Love / Joy / Bliss emotions will astound you.

I haven't even gotten into Energy Medicine itself!!! I highly suggest learning the Triple Warmer Sedation technique that will alter your body's healing properties by adjusting and aligning the energy meridians used in Accupuncture.  However, there are techniques that can be done with just your fingers or a metal spoon.  Check out Energy Medicine Guru, Donna Eden's book, ENERGY MEDICINE. You can also YouTube Donna Eden for some great visuals on techniques you can use to balance your energy systems to assist the body in healing itself.  She is an amazing woman! You will see her inner light instantly.

Phew! Namaste.  I love you dearly.  May you find Health, Peace and Blissful amounts of Joy for today is full of miracles for those who are open to see. :@

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