Saturday, April 21, 2012

Walking through the Fire of Transformation

OMG! How have almost two whole months gone by since I have blogged?  As Chinese astrology, Vedic astrology and the big "Mayan calendar" ending all indicated, 2012 was destined to be a transformational year and thus far it has not disappointed me in the least!

You may have been, or are, experiencing what appears or feels like destruction within, or on the outside of your own personal world.  Rest assured that while Prozac may seem like the only solution, your body is responding to universal changes.

While the end of the Mayan calendar indicated the total destruction of the world, the Vedic calendar pointed to a huge transformational change globally in truth, spirituality and relations.  The Chinese Year of the Water Dragon also indicates massive transformation, revealings of hidden truths and emotional shifts on a powerful scale.

I personally haven't blogged because the power of these forces effected me to my core.  I truly felt like I was being ripped open and turned inside out. Old hidden emotions surfaced and were processed, hidden truths about my character were revealed to me helping me to move past old wounds and change patterns of behavior ultimately revealing to me a truer version of myself.

I share all of this, only to share that if you are struggling, feel like you're going crazy, experiencing pain or disappointment... YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  And what lies on the other side will be worth the pain. Allow the transformation to occur to you.

This video really helped me to understand and walk through the process.

We start the 5th month soon.  I cannot wait to see what's in store then.

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