Thursday, March 1, 2012

Opening Your Intuition

I am a fan of Twitter personality @Lesism.  A spiritual writer who blogs of his Awakening and his experiences in the few short years since. 

I was reading a lovely blog entry at about battling depression which I have recent experience.  He talks about listening to the toxic gibberish of the ego which he has experienced as occurring in the base of the brain vs listening to your Higher inner voice or intution which he experiences in the 3rd eye chakra region or frontal portion of the brain.

I read this experience with curiosity.  I have been actively working with chakras as well as the intuitive senses.  While I do not at all disagree with @Lesism, I beg to dig deeper.

Where does intuition lie with the body and the energy field? The answer to that varies from person to person and even experience to experience.  In some cases, I just Know. I don't know how I know, and often I manage to THINK my way out of believing the "knowing".  In other cases, I Hear the answer.  My higher inner voice is speaking to me and if I am NOT listening to the idle toxic chatter of the ego as @Lesism describes, I can here the soft clear answers of wisdom.  I also FEEL it, mostly as a twisting in my gut for no or a lightest in my heart for yes.  Tingles, goosebumps, hair standing on end are all intuitive responses from within.

Remember, the more you pay attention, the more you will be open to guidance. The more guidance you experience and Trust, the more you will get more guidance from your higher inner self.  It has a wonderful snowball effect.

A fabulous book for seekers of opening intuition is written by MIT graduate who studied the psychic arts with the precision of a scientist, but wrote the book in simple terms. Campy as the title is, YOU ARE PSYCHIC is the best intuition opening manual I have come across.

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