Friday, February 24, 2012

Why Can't I Manifest?

I hear many people asking, "Why Can't I Manifest?" 

Obstacles are part of the process.  Some people just can't seem to get off of the ground with manifesting.  Others have no trouble getting started in manifesting, however, at some point they do hit obstacles. 

Firstly, as we are learning new tools and exercises, we need to remember to be gentle with ourselves.  You are learning, what I hope for you to be a life-long process, so you don't need to get it all right, right now.  In fact, in the early stages I have found that DOING IT is far more important that doing it PERFECTLY.  These practices are constantly evolving.  Eventually you will find the practices that work best for you and maybe even develop some tools of your own.

The most important thing to understand when starting on a journey of Manifestation and Spiritual Health is that you need to clear out the old negative toxins to create a space for the new stuff coming in.  This is a common practice in Feng Shui.  Decluttering is essential, to raise the positive energy of a space.  You also need to REMOVE the negative energy items to make space for higher vibrational items to come in.  In fact, it is commonly suggested that if you are single and trying to bring love into your life, leave open space in your bedroom closet and empty dresser drawers for your new love to move in.  In working with our emotional or self-image baggage there are many examples and I will cite two of my favorites. 

In Julia Cameron's book, THE ARTISTS WAY, she talks about identifying your "Inner Critic" and reprogramming that chatter with new positive thoughts.  My experience in those early days was that the negative self chatter was so bonded and ingrained in me that I didn't even recognize it or identify it.  It took a lot of journaling and paying attention for me to identify what my "Inner Critic" was whispering into my ear keeping me from love and success. 

In the famous PSYCHO-CYBERNETICS by Dr. Maxwell Maltz, he talks about working with people on their Self-Image reprogramming.  One story is of a man who's image of himself was so repulsive and unworthy due to the size of his ears and nose.  Dr. Maltz explains that this man's self image was so distorted from what was real that the man was seeking unnecessary plastic surgery when all he needed was to "see" himself as others truly saw him.  So take a moment today, to journal, to meditate and explore your own self-image.  What is your Inner Critic telling you?  What is your big ugly nose?  What inside of you has kept you from your Heart's Desire?  Be courageous in your honesty! You can't reverse it, if you haven't identified it in the first place.

Once you have identified the negative self image beliefs that are sabotaging your success and relationships, you need to iradicate them and replace them with a more desirable belief.  Easier said than done!  Finding the source of the negative belief and then disqualifying the negative belief, are major keys to successfully squelching these beliefs... and well worth the extra effort. 

For example, if you discover (which is common) that you have negative feelings about people that are wealthy and that is keeping you from amassing your own wealth.  First identify where this idea came from.  Did you have a parent who complained about the rich? Did someone who was wealthy bring harm?  Does it truely make sense to your logical mind to lump all people with money in this category?  Can you find people of wealth using their money and influence to help the less fortunate or impact the world in a positive way?

Cut out pictures of people that you would like to emulate and really "get to know them".  Hold conversations with them in your mind to let THEIR success and THEIR belief systems guide you.

In elevating your energy levels and getting into a space where you effortlessly manifest your Heart's Desires, you will ALWAYS hit obstacles along the way.  If you did not have obstacles within your energy field, or soul, or pyche, you would not be seeking these tools in the first place! :) You would be at the level of Jesus, Buddah, or any other likeness of Spiritual perfection and you would be teaching ME! :)

I myself have gone through periods where a new layer peels away and I am raw, emotional and vulnerable.  I can be filled with great sorrow, sobbing while old, unidentified wounds are released.  This can also come up as extreme anger.  Recognizing this as part of the process, allowing yourself to work through it and stay in gratitude works wonders.  During one recent bout with deep, painful sorrow, I held onto the mantra, "I am so grateful and thankful that my heart is opening and healing." My heart was in unbearable pain.  I was crying all of the time.  But I stuck to that mantra, walking and breathing.  I became afraid that I would need Prozac, but I stuck with my mantra, walking and breathing and I did get to the other side of the pain.  Once the emotions worked their way through, I had a new freedom that I had not experienced before.

Keep in your awareness that as you remove Layers of the Onion of your Humanness, you will inevitably uncover negative emotions or responses or even self-sabotaging fears.  Be gentle with yourself as you work through these.  The obstacles you uncover as you dig deeper and deeper into your soul, may even be toxic baggage from existences that you no longer hold in your current awareness.  Sometimes, there are even instances where an individual attains a level of success, love, and relationships that they always dreamed of only to hit some jarring obstacles of self sabotage and destroy it all.  Fear not, if you build it up once, you can do it again!

Keep at it! Trust that the Divine is walking with you the whole way and don't be afraid to ask your Guides and Angels to fill you with Love and Light.  They are always there for you!  However, you do NEED to ask.

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