Monday, February 27, 2012

RELAX - Your best Work is Play

One of the key elements to the book and movie THE SECRET, is to always FEEL GOOD.  For some of US, this is far easier to say than to do on a consistent basis.  If you are in a particularly stressful time in your life (as many are, that are seeking) or if you suffer from clinical depression, it can be really hard to keep your vibrational energies in the upper levels where you can honestly say that you feel good. 

Here are some recommendations when you are not feeling so good-
1. JOURNAL - get the junk out and onto paper. If its really bad, have a ceremonial burial or burning of the pages to destroy whatever is bothering you.
2. WALK - Walking in a forward direction is a YES activity (see my Power of YES blog) repeat gratitude affirmations and/or simply announce YES while you are walking. Pay attention to things of beauty on your walk. The elevated vibrational levels of beautiful visions will elevate you also!
3. MEDITATION- A chakra light meditation or an Angel meditation are also powerful tools. Call the Light in or your Angels to help heal, energize, empower you.
4. PHYSICAL - Workout, run, Tai Chi, Yoga are all great ways to alter ones energy and mood.

Now, let's say you just can't get yourself to use any of these tools, or worse, you tried them but its just not quite enough to snap you out of it.  Then we move into new territory.  You see, all of these things could be construed by your inner self as work and your inner self is typically between 3 and 6 years old.  So if you are meeting such resistance to the list I gave, now we need to appeal to your inner child.  The inner child wants to play. The inner child does not care what you think you are supposed to do, it wants to do what is fun or different or 'not allowed'. You know what your inner child wants to do. How often do you let it?

Go to a music store and strum a guitar no matter how bad it sounds. Buy paint and glitter and make a really silly but outrageously fun picture on $1 poster board. Write a silly poem in the voice of your 5year old inner child, marvel at the simplistic wisdom comes out of this neglected part of you! Take yourself to a toy store, or the zoo, or the children's science museum, a botanical garden or to the beach to make sand castles.

When all else fails, do that thing that you've been telling yourself you're not allowed to do (keep it lawful and within confines of your moral standards of course) but cut loose a little! Blast your stereo and dance around your house fearless, like a child. When you are struggling to feel good, it means your soul is crying out to you for something it is not getting, something you are not doing.

Let's fill every day with a symphony of laughter and joy.  What a wonderful world that will be.

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