Friday, February 24, 2012

The Power of YES

I clearly remember watching Jim Carey's YES MAN movie years ago.  The basic premise of  which, is that Jim's character starts saying YES to everything and under hilarious circumstances his life becomes AMAZING. Well, curiously enough, it is yet another example of art imitating life! However, it wasn't until recently that I realized the truth in THE POWER OF YES.  I was learning an intuitive technique taught by Christie Marie Sheldon in her Love or Above Energy Toolkit Series in which she trains you to identify your own body's YES or NO response to any stated question.

Christie Marie Sheldon works with vibrational energy levels.  The theory in MANIFESTING being that the better you feel (the higher your vibrational energy) the more effortless your life, your relationships, and your manifestations. Well, in very basic terms, YES, is a high vibrational statement. NO, is not. 

Say YES! out loud. Seriously, try it right now.  Try to be in a bad mood and say YES, YES, YES!  ----- You can't do it! *giggle* it makes me feel good to type it even! Haha! 

Now say NO, NO, NO! It's heavy, right? Now don't cheat and do a cutesy 'no' that really MEANS 'yes'. Do a real "don't do that" kind of NO.  Say real NO and then try to feel good.  You can't! 

The next day, after discovering this, my phone rang with a number I did not recognize. Being in sales, the phone ringing was a possible prospect looking for my service.  However, I looked at my phone and my brain said, "Ugh, a phone call." In that moment, I realized I had just said NO to a call that could have been the Universe sending me a client! Was I crazy?!

How often had I unconsciously said NO to opportunity?! My mind opened up! 

I began practicing saying YES to opportunities and my business went from having to work really hard for every penny, to almost effortless.

Now, during this time I was also going through that heartwrenching breakup.  I realized after months of agonizing pain, that the worst of it was that it was all my fault.  I had started saying NO. No, I will not accept that we can't be together. No, I won't give in to obvious unfortunate circumstance. No, I won't give up on the fairytale dream. No, I can't just "be friends". No, I can't let you go. No, this is not fair. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!  And my No's destroyed what should have remained a loving and tender friendship.  When I stopped living in gratitude for our special connection and started living in No for not getting it my way, the beauty of it all crumbled before my eyes. And in the end, I suffered for declaring NO.

Right after that revelation I connected this simple theory to another life milestone.  My girlfriend had lost her mother this past year. Now Mom told her kids that she had a full and wonderful life and not to grieve, but we are human and we must process the loss.  While my friend was handling the loss in a healthy manner, it still kept me pondering.  I realized that some people I have known have processed their grief better or more smoothly than others.  What was the difference? Yes and No.

Are you saying,  I miss Mom but Yes, she had a great life
Or I miss Mom and No, I will not accept the loss. 

As you focus on the NO- type statements you expand NO into all facets of your life.  The more intense your grief, the more intense the NO, the more intensely you energize NO throughout your life.  Your job, friendships, love partner, kids, etc all become infected with the NO.

Certainly, as I said, the grieving process is essential to human existence.   However, maintaining the awareness of the affect on the other facets of your life is mind-opening. 

I challenge you to a powerful exercise that continues to empower my life and enrich my soul.  For seven days, repeat this mantra over and over and over, when you wake, in the bathroom, waiting on line, on the treadmill, whenever you leave your mind to its own thoughts squelched it with this mantra...
I am so grateful and thankful. YES, YES, YES.

You can fill in the "what you are grateful for" if you choose to add extra power to the mantra. Don't worry too much if you can't muster FEELING grateful in the statement, just focus on your YESs.  The feeling of gratitude will come.  I have used this mantra while feeling like cr*p with tears pouring down my face.  I muscled through it and came out victorious after a couple of determined and consistent days.
And remember, the more you say YES to the Universe, the more the Universe says YES right back to you.
Please try this exercise and come back and comment on your experience.

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