Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Power of Determination

This morning I watched a Youtube video filmed by a friend at a business convention. The video was of the keynote speaker who was Chris Gardner, the subject of the true life film starring Will Smith, The Pursuit of Happyness.  Mr. Gardner told his story about living homeless as the single father of a 14 mo old son who he refuses to abandon despite his hardships.  He spoke of fighting his way through a rigorous stockbrokering program sleeping with his baby in the safest places he could find, with not enough money to get by or even consistently eat.  He seemingly waded through hardship after hardship like a man trudging through waist high mud, and through the heart-wrenching story I heard him say ONE WORD, over and over in his speech. DETERMINED.

He was determined that his son grow up with a loving and present father.  He was determined against all odds to get into the stockbrokering program for which he was technically not qualified.  He was determined to get through each day, each night, with stroller, baby, pampers and duffle bag of clothes.  He was determined to get beyond this challenge.  He was determined to be successful. How long could you go on like that before giving up?  I had to ponder this question.  At every curveball, at every brick wall and obstacle, he was determined. In manifesting our heart's desires, we talk about not allowing doubt to enter your desire.  However, it occurs to me that even more powerful is focussed, pinpointed determination.

As I ponder this conclusion, I have to ask myself two questions.

1. What am I DETERMINED to be or do?
2. What is my LEVEL of determination?

The answers to these questions will DETERMINE your level of success. 

Just last year I was determined to go on an overseas trip.  I hadn't traveled in years, money was painfully scarce, and timing would be precarious with work, someone to watch the kids, etc. However, it was my deepest heart's desire to go.  I pushed aside all thoughts of NO, and became determined that the only acceptable answer was YES.

My level of determination was so powerful that money and timing manifested effortlessly. 

Even as I write this Blog, I realize that I must search for a new target to engulf in the fires of a deep, unwavering determination.  Such is the way of living a life of PASSION.
So I ask you...
What are you DETERMINED to be or do?
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