Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Gratitude and Acceptance are key.  You will hear these words in many forms by a majority of Spiritual  Gurus out there.  However, Gratitude and Acceptance of a horrible circumstances can be a real challenge, so what is this all about and how do you make this valuable manifesting principle work within the confines of your life.

As I pondered this principle this morning, considering my own challenging circumstances what occured to me is there is a clarification necessary. 

ACCEPTANCE of your current circumstances is NOT a proclamation that they are ACCEPTABLE.

The purpose behind the principle of Acceptance is to get us out of NO, to get us out of the negative thoughts that go along with complaining internally about this current circumstance so that we can make the necessary adjustments with high vibrational energy and manifestation tools to make changes to our circumstances.  However, accepting our Day as it is Today, does NOT mean you have to allow that to be your ACCEPTABLE tomorrow.  Make your proclamation to the Universe, "I Accept that this is the challenge that I face today and I am DETERMINED to do whatever it takes to make my Tomorrow more acceptable to me." 

Gratitude for a challenge that has you completely bogged down is somehow a more challenging scenario, however having the vibrational energy levels of Gratitude coursing through your energy field and your day, is paramount to manifesting that "Acceptable Tomorrow".  Search for things in your day to be grateful for, no matter how small.  Repeat your gratitude list throughout your day and focus your mind on visualizing whatever it is that will make your Tomorrow more Acceptable than your Today.

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